Electropolishing of stainless steel

Need to improve the surface of your stainless steel parts ? BEAL INOX, which manufactures the products marketed by SOFRA INOX, can carry out an electropolishing stage on request.

Electropolishing or electrolytic polishing removes microroughness from stainless steel parts through a chemical process.


This technique provides a smoother and brighter surface by dissolving the metal to a few microns in thickness. Electropolishing can be carried out on all types of parts, even the most fragile, unlike mechanical polishing. In addition, all parts of the stainless steel part are treated.

Another advantage is that the electrolytic bath also creates a protective layer of chromium oxide, which improves corrosion resistance.

Electrolytic polishing is common practice in certain industries (food, pharmaceutical, biochemical, etc.) where every effort must be made to limit the presence of impurities and micro-organisms. The elimination of hollows and cracks on the metal surface fulfils this objective.

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