Union fittings

raccord Union à portée conique lisse lisse

The stainless steel Union or 3-piece pipe fitting is used to join pipes in the chemical industry, for the transport of aggressive liquids or for water treatment. As the name suggests, it is usually made up of three parts: a male threaded part, a female part and a tightening nut, either hexagonal or octagonal. The ends of Union fittings can be smooth, male or female (gas or NPT threads), or splined.

Pipe Union fittings are designed for easy assembly and disassembly. In a conical fitting, sealing is achieved by the pressure provided by the nut at the joint between the two internal parts. Flat-sealing Union fittings use a PTFE seal, while double-sealing Union fittings have both a tapered part assembly and a seal.

conical union fitting

We offer a wide range of Union fittings manufactured in France by Beal Inox, from DN 8 to DN 100, with gas or NPT threads. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information request or for a customised service (marking, polishing, etc.) on our fittings.



Recommended tightening torques :

DN Torque (N/m) Working pressure (bars)
8 60 80
12 100 80
15 110 80
20 140 80
25 200 80
32 300 80
40 500 80
50 700 80

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