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The stainless steel pharmaceutical fitting is a key element in the industrial manufacturing process.

It is corrosion resistant due to its passive coating and can withstand irritating environments as well as the aggressive cleaning agents used in industry. Naturally smooth, it limits the presence of retention zones where bacteria and foreign bodies can lodge and lends itself to rigorous maintenance.

Finally, stainless steel has high ductility and good mechanical strength, making it the material of choice for the creation of complex parts subject to vibration.

We offer a complete range of pharmaceutical clamp fittings, also known as Tri-Clamp or Tri-Clover fittings. This type of fitting ensures a perfect seal in installations and meets high quality requirements (corrosion resistance, quick assembly/disassembly, easy cleaning and sterilisation, etc.).

A stainless steel Clamp fitting consists of 2 identical ferrules, a gasket (EPDM, VITON, PTEFE or Silicone) and a clamp collar. The fitting is sealed by compressing the gasket between the 2 ferrules.

We supply clamp fittings for the main standards on the market: SMS, DIN 32676, ISO/metric, ASME-BPE, Bio-Pharma, etc.

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