Marking of stainless steel

To improve traceability, identify parts more easily and facilitate their use, stainless steel marking has become an essential practice.

The different processes aim to create a durable and non-invasive marking that meets all requirements (safety, quality standards, etc.)

BEAL INOX, which manufactures the parts sold by SOFRA INOX, offers different marking techniques:

Inkjet printing

This technique is based on the use of special inks, resistant to humidity, dust, temperature, etc. Thanks to the technical evolution of tools, it is possible to print on curved surfaces.

Mechanical marking by micro-percussion

The part is marked by a succession of micro-impacts. The design or text obtained is permanent and unalterable, and it is possible to mark curved or convex surfaces.

mechanical marking

This method is more economical than printing, as it does not use consumables. Furthermore, it does not change the weight of the part (the metal is compressed).

Marking by laser engraving

Laser engraving is an innovative technology that allows parts to be marked with very fine and complex patterns and shapes. With MOPA technology, it is possible to create colour variations on the engraving.

This solution ensures permanent marking, and has the advantage of being fast and perfectly reproducible.