DIN 11851 dairy fittings 

The DIN 11851 standard of the Deutsches Institut Normung was once used specifically for fittings in the dairy industry, but is now used in all types of food processing equipment.

DIN 11851 dairy fittings ensure a perfect seal thanks to the assembly of several stainless steel parts that completely enclose the semi-toric seal. A DIN 11851 fitting consists of 4 parts: a welding liner, a male threaded part, a round notched nut and a semi-toric seal (EPDM or NBR).

DIN 11851 fitting

Plan Raccord complet DIN 11851

We offer DIN 11851 fittings in two grades of stainless steel:

- 316L (1.4404) stainless steel : manufactured in France by Beal Inox, with traceability and guaranteed pressure resistance
- 316 (1.4436) stainless steel : manufacturing outside the EU from molded blanks, no traceability and no guarantee of pressure resistance

Correlation table

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⌀ external121822283440527085104129154



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