Cookie Management

What is a cookie ?

Cookies are text files that are created by your browser when you browse a website. Cookies act as a "memory" for the website, allowing it to recognise your device when you return to the site.

Why do we save cookies? ?

We store cookies on your device in several circumstances

- as part of an anonymous audience measurement tool.

- as part of the authentication process for your Sofra account, which allows you to download files and request a quote

- as part of the memorization of your quote request basket

In this context, Cookies do not need your prior consent.

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In addition, we also use third-party tools (Google Maps and Youtube), which may also store their own Cookies on your connected device.

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How do I delete or block cookies ?

You can manage cookies or block their storage by using a special module on your web browser. Browsing in private mode also allows you not to save cookies on your connected device.

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