Our quality approach

Certification OFC

BEAL INOX, which manufactures the parts we sell, is committed to a quality approach, validated by ISO 9001 2015 certification, attested by the OFC (Organisme Français de Certification). This certification highlights all the measures we take on a daily basis to ensure zero defects on all our stainless steel fittings and accessories.

ISO 9001 formalises the quest for customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of our processes and services, and the supply of stainless steel products that comply in every respect with our customers' requirements and the regulations.

This quality approach is implemented throughout the manufacturing process.

Quality of raw materials

All suppliers are carefully selected for the quality of their stainless steel, and we undertake to provide you with material certificates on request.

A spectrometer allows us to check the raw materials on arrival. Once checked, the raw material bars are marked by laser engraving, to ensure perfect traceability.

stainless steel quality

Quality of manufacturing processes

Thanks to qualified personnel working on high-performance machines that are regularly overhauled and renewed, BEAL INOX is able to offer you stainless steel fittings and parts that meet your needs in every respect.

Our stainless steel fittings and parts comply with the following standards: EN 10213, EN 10272, EN 10222-5, EN 10217-7, ISO 2852, NF E29-521, DIN 11864-1, DIN 11864-2, DIN 11864-3, DIN 11851...

Stainless steel machining

Quality control before delivery

Before being packaged and delivered, all stainless steel items undergo a final quality control to ensure that they are free of defects and that they correspond perfectly to what was ordered.

The quality of the material is again analysed by spectrometry, and the material certificate code is marked on the machined part.