PGAC flange gasket - SOFRA INOX
  • PGAC flange gasket - SOFRA INOX
  • PGAC flange gasket - SOFRA INOX

PGAC flange gasket

The PG AC (supranite) flange gasket is a flexible, chemically inert, non-asbestos gasket for a wide range of applications.

Technical characteristics : 

Chemical resistance * : 1.90 g/cm3

Maximum temperature ** *** : 260°C

Minimum temperature : -210°C

Maximum pressure : 85 bars

Compression according to ASTM : 6-10%

Elastic recovery according to ASTM : 35% environ

Density : 2,2

Color : rose

Typical values for thickness 1,5mm

* except molten alkali metals or materials generating these products

** temperature in continuous service

*** temperature peak (consult us)


Prior to shipment, each sheet is marked with a control number recorded at the factory. This number is the same as the one on the packaging, according to internal procedures to ensure traceability.

Main uses

- chemical industry

- pharmaceutical industry

- food industry (approved for food by the National Testing Laboratory)

- Fertilizers, paper mills, steel industry, petrochemical industry, energy (thermal and nuclear power plant)

- Oxygen (tested by AIR LIQUIDE)

- EDF (PMUC approval)

Temperature resistance

Thermal stability

The various thermogravimetric analyses (ATG) as well as the analyses by DSC (Different Scanning Calorimetry) carried out by independent organizations (GDL) on SUPRANITE PG AC confirm its stability.

Mechanical temperature resistance

SUPRANITE PG AC is characterized by its excellent temperature resistance.

The residual stress at temperature of SUPRANITE PG AC is close to that of an asbestos-elastomer joint. Indeed, for the same temperature, the residual stress of SUPRANITE PG AC is about 90% of the residual stress of an asbestos-elastomer joint.

Mechanical resistance to thermal cycling

A gasket, installed in an installation, must not only withstand temperature, but also the effects of thermal cycling and vibration - in terms of stress, deformation (compressibility - elastic recovery), sealing and gasket integrity. SUPRANITE PG AC meets the requirements.

Corrosion resistance

The release of halogen and sulfur (main stress corrosion generators) in the temperature and pressure range of SUPRANITE PG AC is extremely low (typical measurement) halogens < 100ppm and sulfur < 50pp according to autoclave thermolysis tests (280° and 65 bars).

Steam resistance

Thanks to its reticular and isotropic structure based on PTFE, SUPRANITE PG AC has an excellent steam resistance, attested by its thermal stability, its mechanical resistance in temperature and its level of tightness confirmed by tests carried out in steam within the framework of the EUROPEAN PROJECT.

Implementation of simple maintenance procedures

SUPRANITE PG AC does not require any significant changes in installation compared to asbestos-elastomer gaskets which it can replace in the temperature range for which SUPRANITE PG AC is intended.

Thickness of the seal

Thanks to its mechanical characteristics (compressibility, elastic recovery) close to asbestos-elastomer gaskets, it is not necessary to consider a different thickness from the asbestos-elastomer gaskets previously used.

Intrinsic rigidity

The intrinsic rigidity of SUPRANITE PG AC (comparable to asbestos-elastomer joints) does not require metal reinforcements and avoids the risks of injury that are sometimes associated with them. The intrinsic rigidity of SUPRANITE PG AC allows easy centering of the gasket and facilitates insertion of the gasket between flanges.

Easy disassembly - removal / no gluing

SUPRANITE PG AC does not stick to the flanges - this allows for quick and easy removal without damaging the flanges

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